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Mobile Phone CasinoFear not, all will shortly become clear. The dictionary defines an overachiever as the following: to perform, especially academically, above the potentialindicated by tests of one’s mental ability or aptitude or to perform better or achieve more than expected, especially by others. Basically, an overachiever is someone who constantly feels the weight or goals and expectations on their shoulders, compelling them forward to greater accomplishments. If you are one of these poor unfortunate souls who constantly feel the burning need to go to be achieving, going and doing then it’s highly likely that fun is not something terribly high up on your list of priorities, now is it? Things like taking a long walk down the beach, hitting the amusement park or getting your nails done are things that you simply do not have time for. Gambling, a drink with friends or kicking a ball around in the park are simply out of the question when one has deadlines to meet and greatness to achieve.

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