Download VS Instant play casinos

If you have been searching for an online casino to join then you will probably have noticed that some casinos offer instant games whilst others have games that must be downloaded. If you are wondering about the difference between these casinos and which one you should join, read on.

What is the difference?

Good question! The difference is that at a download casino you will need to download the casino games software onto your desktop computer. There is no need to worry if you are not technically savvy as the casino will walk you through the download and it takes just a few minutes. Once the games are downloaded you can play whenever you log into the casino.

An instant play casino (also known as a flash casino) is when games are played directly from your browser. There is no need to download the games. Simply log into the casino, create an account and start playing.

The main difference between the two different casinos is that the download casino is usually slightly superior in terms of graphic and audio quality. There is also a wider range of casino games on offer.

Where should I play?

In my opinion, it is almost always preferable to join a download online casino as the game quality is better and there is a larger game variety. Having said that, if you are playing on a computer with a limited amount of memory then you should choose to play at a flash casino.

The download and the instant play casinos are not mutually exclusive, when you are on the road or playing from a slower computer choose the instant casino option when playing from a high-speed desktop choose to download the casino first.

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