Thunderstruck II available on mobile

Thunderstruck II mobile slot now available on iOS Android Blackberry

The massively popular online slot, Thunderstruck II, is not only the rare game that’s better than the original, it is also now available on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

Thunderstruck II – Better than the original

Microgaming’s Thunderstruck II, the sequel to the hit online slot game from 2003, proves that sometime sequels really can be better than the originals. The main feature this time around is a 4-free-spin feature that the player needs to unlock but the game has so much more on offer. Along with its sleek graphics and lifelike sounds, Thunderstruck II offers a number of different features that allows for both exciting, varied gameplay and some nice payouts. 243 Playlines, a 6X multiplier, multiple free spins and a random wild storm feature that adds stacked wilds in the base game itself, if you’re looking to play free online casino games, few are more fun and more rewarding than the excellent Thunderstruck II.

Speaking of bigger payouts, where once the maximum bet was $15, many online casinos that host the game have upped the minimum bet to $30.

Play Thunderstruck II where you are

Along with more varied gameplay, Thunderstruck II also has the distinct advantage of now being available on all major mobile devices. The Thunderstruck II mobile slot machine is filled to the brim with all the excellent graphics and gameplay of its browser-based counterpart but it allows you to play a truly classic online slots game wherever you are. The killer gameplay may have you coming back for more but this way you even get to play it in short spurts between meetings or on a long commute.

To even further sweeten the pot though, the mobile version of Thunderstruck II not only boats every one of the features available on the original browser version, it also contains an in-game jackpot of a quite staggering 2.5 million dollars.

Thunderstruck II was already everything you could want from an online slot machine and yet, somehow, perfection just got better.

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